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ZAiKS will be entitled to carry out the collective management of copyrights in Poland, and will entrust the management of copyrights to foreign collective copyright management organisations in the territories of their operation. ZAiKS will grant users a license to use your works and will collect the remuneration due to you for the following types of use: fixing, reproduction on carriers and placing on the market, dissemination by means of public performance or playing in public, screening, exhibition, radio and television broadcasting, retransmission and making the work publicly available in such a way that everyone may access it at a place and time chosen by them (e.g. on the Internet). ZAiKS will also pursue claims for unlawful use of your works and collect remuneration for their use that does not require the author’s authorization under the Act on Copyright and Related Rights.

The management of your works by ZAiKS will take place on the basis of a Agreement on the Collective Management of Copyright that you will conclude with the Society.

Pursuant to the collective management agreement, the rights to the work are entrusted for an indefinite period in the fields of exploitation indicated in the Agreement. The entrusting rightholder may limit the entrustment of rights by excluding the fields of exploitation or limiting the collective management to specified territories. The entrustment of rights may be terminated by either party with three months' notice, effective at the end of the calendar half year.

The Society of Authors ZAiKS does not protect ideas, patents, screenplays and script outlines of programs, radio and TV broadcasts, journalism, interviews, computer programs, graphic opening credits, announcements, images, logos, band names, etc. and thus does not collectively manage them.