What ZAiKS does

We manage. We protect. We foster imagination.

The author makes earnings when others make use of his or her works. In the most diverse of places and media. Authors find it difficult to identify on their own each case of exploitation of their works and to take care of assuring due remuneration. Without the support of a collective management organization this is practically impossible. Therefore, authors of the whole world gather in societies that collect royalties for them. And make it easier for users to exploit creative works.

We are the biggest collective copyright management organization in Poland. We have over 100 years’ worth of experience and expertise, and the necessary tools. Each year we transfer to authors several million zlotys of royalties due to them. We gather composers, authors of texts, screenwriters, playwrights, translators, choreographers and authors from other fields of art, as well as music publishers. As a society, we conduct wide ranging social activities for the benefit of our members. We are also one of the greatest patrons of art in Poland.

In order to ensure remuneration for authors for their work:

  • We grant authorizations on behalf of authors for the use of their works. We refer to this as grant of licence.
  • We collect authors’ remunerations from businesses, institutions and individuals who exploit creative works in their activity. We refer to this as royalty collection.
  • We pay out the remuneration collected this way to authors. We refer to this as distribution.

Since 1918, we have been creating a world that values culture, creativity and imagination.