We foster imagination

For the good of us all

We are a society of authors and a collective copyright management organization. We take care of authors, their work and make sure that everyone can use it. We believe that culture is a community of authors and users. We support the development of the economy’s creative sectors. We take care of different forms and fields of creative work.

We believe that there is power in imagination. That we are all born with it and that it makes everything possible. We have been nurturing and fostering it for over 100 years.

ZAiKS pays off to everybody. We ensure due remuneration to authors for their work. And for those who want to make use of the fruits of their imagination, we facilitate formalities. We are one of the greatest and most generous patrons of culture in Poland. We have extended social programs for authors so that they can create without unnecessary burdens. In order for us all to freely use their work. For imagination is our common good. It creates a beautiful reality.