Join ZAiKS

ZAiKS will collectively manage your economic rights, which means that it will take care of your royalties. It will grant licenses for the use of your works on certain terms and make sure that the use of works is appropriately remunerated.

ZAiKS may provide you and your work with tangible financial support. In 1970, we established the Fund for the Support of Creativity which helps authors and institutions that act to the benefit of culture. In 2018, we earmarked almost four million zlotys for this purpose. In 2019, we provided support to authors and artistic events in the amount of 6 million 587 thousand zlotys.
Every person from our Society may (together with their families) take advantage of five Houses of Creative Work. Situated in the most beautiful parts of Poland (Zakopane, Krynica-Zdrój, Sopot, Ustka, Konstancin-Jeziorna), these legendary places provide authors with the best conditions for creative work. And rest.


It is worth to join us at ZAiKS.

A fact confirmed by all the 20 thousand authors and publishers that we represent. For more than 100 years.

According to the statutes, members of the Society comprise ordinary and extraordinary members (§ 6 of the Statutes). Ordinary members have the right to vote and stand for election, the right to participate in the life of the Society and to make use of its facilities and aid to the extent foreseen by the Society’s statutory objectives. Extraordinary members have the same rights as ordinary members with the exception of among others the right to vote and stand for election (§ 14 and § 15 of the Statutes).

The acquisition and loss of membership with the Society is determined by the Statutes (§ 7 - § 13)

The statutes were adopted by the Extraordinary Assembly of Delegates of the Society of Authors ZAiKS on 21 October 2019, and it was registered in the National Court Register on 23 December 2019 by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw.


What can a ZAiKS member do?

An extraordinary and ordinary member of the Society can:

  • benefit from the protection of copyrights (§ 3 of the Statutes);
  • file complaints to the Council of the Society against resolutions of the Management Board on the removal from the list of members;
  • take advantage of ZAiKS’s houses of creative work;
  • file complaints to the Arbitration Board (§ 49 of the Statutes);
  • benefit from social care, i.e. allowances, advances, medical cooperatives, the Loan Fund of the Society’s Members;
  • obtain scholarships from the Creativity Promotion Fund (CPF);
  • participate in the cultural life of the Society;
  • have free access to information periodicals and other publications of the Society.

And ordinary member of ZAiKS also benefits from additional privileges which make it possible among others to:

  • participate in the activity of the Society’s governing bodies by making use of the right to vote and stand for election (§14, §15 and §16 of the Statutes).
  • undertake initiatives of a social nature for the benefit of the Society’s members;
  • make use of the services of medical cooperatives (only in Warsaw).


Who may become a member?

Membership (initially, of the extraordinary type) with the Society of Authors ZAiKS, as laid down in the Statutes and the Procedure for acquiring membership, is available to authors or music publishers, who fulfil the conditions set out in these documents.

For further information please contact:

+48 22 55 67 196


How to become an ordinary member?

It is necessary to file an application for the change of membership status to the Society’s Management Board and provide proof of creative output that was created during the time when the applicant was an extraordinary member of ZAiKS.

Legal assistance for members

The Legal Department of ZAiKS provides ad-hoc legal assistance to persons who granted their economic rights to ZAiKS for collective management and the Society’s members in matters concerning the exercise and protection of their copyrights. This legal advice is related solely to matters that may concern the relations between the author and ZAiKS and with entities exploiting his or her works (e.g. commissioning works). ZAiKS does not conduct individual court cases of authors and does not negotiate agreements on their behalf.


Social engagement of ZAiKS

ZAiKS’s social engagement consists in among others providing non-repayable allowances from the social fund to members who found themselves in a difficult financial situation. The Society also grants loans from the Loan Fund and one-time payments from the death benefit fund meant to provide support to the family of the deceased member of the Society. Society members are also entitled to subsidies for healthcare services in selected specialist medical clinics in Warsaw, and to stays in houses of creative work in Zakopane, Krynica, Sopot, Konstancin and Ustka.


Fund for the Support of Creativity

The aim of the Fund for the Support of Creativity is among others to aid, initiate and support valuable art, to promote creativity in Poland, with special attention given to authors who represent art genres of high artistic and educational quality, providing financial support to institutions and authors that promote Polish culture, and showing special care to artistic works of great value and ambition as regards their form and content.

Based on incoming requests and applications, the Management Board of the Fund for the Support of Creativity may provide financial help to institutions promoting national creative output, including folk and regional art, conventions, congresses and events whose aim is the development and enrichment of culture, may finance one-time scholarships for Polish and foreign authors, and may provide financial means necessary for artists to carry out their profession.

The body responsible for administering the fund is its Management Board.


Membership fees

Every member of the Society pays membership fees and bears other contributions determined by the Society’s governing bodies.

Membership fees:

  • members’ subscription fee – 10 zlotys monthly
  • the death benefit fund contribution – 5 zlotys monthly
  • the social fund contribution – 150 zlotys annually
  • for the issuance of a certificate for the medical cooperative (only for members) – 15 zlotys (valid for one month).